Yes! It is a great value, and it is also Walla Walla University policy that all designated campus residents purchase a meal plan each quarter.

When you enter the dining hall each meal period, a meal credit is deducted from your plan. If you have guests and want to purchase a meal for them, you can use your Wolves Pass, flex dollars, or your incline account, depending on what is available.

The first meal of the week is breakfast on Monday. The last is dinner on Sunday.

A Wolves Pass is a guest pass. If you have a meal plan and have a guest you want to purchase a meal in the dining hall for, you can use one of your Wolves Passes. Each student on a meal plan receives two Wolves Passes per quarter.

Flex Dollars are cash values included on some meal plans. They work like pre-paid debit cards, with funds kept on your student ID card for the quarter. Flex Dollars may be used at any Sodexo-operated dining location on campus, and are not carried over from one quarter to the next.

Meals should be used during the current week, and do not carry over from one week to the next.

Yes! You can change your meal plan within the first ten days of the quarter. If you want to change to a larger meal plan, you can do so at any time during the quarter. Moving to a smaller meal plan can only be done within the first ten days of the quarter.

If you live off campus, you can purchase meal plans when checking out for financial aid, or purchase meals on an as-needed basis from the cashier at the CAF or the SAC. Your student ID card, Bite Pay, and credit cards are all acceptable forms of payment.